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Migraines, Severe Pain, Fatigue, Ect. Treatment

In 1988 I was sick for a week, 104 temp. I was 8 & don't remember much. Slept mostly, couldn't walk, was carried. By the time I went to the hospital I was doing better.

I had headaches & stomach issues growing up.
In 1999 I became pregnant & that's when my health issues hit. First Fatigue then Derealization (like feeling drugged 24/7). Little dtuff like body heavy & tired feeling and other little things. I blaimed pregnancy, then postpartum, ect. I then spent years trying to figure out what was going on.

Btw, gained a bunch of weight then a few yrs later lost 55 pounds in 3 months! Water weight? Had another child but didn't seem to make it worst. Had a 3rd child in 09. After he was born everything got worst & had only continued.

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, PTSD (because of derealization).

I deal with all over pain, worst in my neck & spreads. I've had headaches for so long, even just mild & pretty much daily. Didn't think anything of it. Also head pressure. But when things got worst in 09, vomiting started not long after. Even without a headache. Usually from over doing it & doesn't take much! Even just doing paperwork... Well it's gotten worst & worst to the point where I was recently sick pretty much daily for awhile. It's horrable. Had many stomach tests & no answers. Bein treated for migraines. So I'm on a daily migrain med, 3x daily. It does seem to help! There are times I would normally be sick but wasn't. Still dealing with headaches but manageable.

The migraine med may be causing me other issues though. Not long after I started I get all day stomache cramping, like thunder in my stomache & also diareaha. Sorry, tmi...

Unfortunetly I have over $1000 in medical to pay before I can see a Naturpath. There is a local one that can run the igenex (I believe it's called). There is one series of tests for $250 or a series that includes everything for $400. Plus he charges $150 to see him.

The Pain, Fatigue, & derealization are the worst. But I probably have over 100 other symptoms. It doesn't take much to over do it. I honestly hardly leave my couch. I do what I can to try to keep up with stuff, especially with 4 kids & 1 is only 3. But it's tough. I take 100mg Tramadol & Naproxen 2x daily. But doesn't seem to do much of anything, taken the edge off so more bearable. I also take Savella 2x daily, Muscle relaxer 1-2x daily, Armour Thyroid, a Migraine Med 3x daily then a birth control.

I know I have hormone issues but no tests show it. I have swollen glands, especially in my face & neck, edema.
Pain is in my muscles, joints, bones & nerves. Mostly muscles & joints. My joints swell but drs act like its my imagination & blow it off like everything else.

I can go on & on over symptoms but everything just seems to pint to Lyme. I honestly think that's been my problem all these yrs.

I am thinkin about getting a more "natural" med when I have the $ to get the card... I don't know what else to do. My body is used to tramadol & will get used to stronger meds...

I'm interested in the Salt/C Protocol I keep seeing people recommend... Could someone send me info on how to do it? What kind of salt? How much of each & how often? I just don't get it...

If I do the Salt/C, will it effect the Lyme Test results when I finally get it done?
Hoping for a tax refund to get medical paid & to go get the Lyme test, ect. So it'll be about a month or two...

Basically I want to start Treatment but at the same time I don't have a diagnosis. If treatment makes my problems worst I know my husband won't understand & only add stress. He had a hard enough time being supportive. He doesn't get how bad it is. He acts like I'm exaggerating when I fact I hardly say anything. I will tell him I don't feel good, that's why I don't want to go do something. I never go into details & he thinks the pain is body aches... If I try to explain then he thinks I'm whining. I don't know how to get through to him so gave up a long time ago. The only thing he understands is the vomiting. He thinks that I'm fine as long as I'm not sick. But vomiting is just one of my many issues...
Fatigue & Derealization~ 1999
Hypothyroid~ 2003
Back injury~ 2005
Severe Degenerative Disk, Arthritis, Mild Scoliosis.
Fibromyalgia~ 2009

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