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Re: TMJ replacement surgery


I have had so many surgeries due to I have broken the left Fossa implant twice and the third left Fossa replacement was because for unknown reasons it came unscrewed and was slinging around in my head. As far as being out of work and the pain medication it all depends on how you heal. I just returned to work in September 2012 and had been out of work since November 2000. I have been on pain medication since 1997. As of right now I am on as needed pain medication. The last surgery I had in July was on a Wednesday and I stopped taking the pain pills that Friday. So two days. BUT remember I have had numerous surgeries and we can not compare pain levels. What I may be able to "deal with" you may not and vice versa. There is no time limit for healing. You have to remember to allow your body to heal and not rush/push it. I am not saying turn into a zombie but you have to allow your body to heal. Drink lots of water and try to avoid processed food prior to the surgery. Try to stay positive and prepare yourself for the surgery. For me when I wake up in recovery I start talking to my body and telling it that it is time to start healing. Again, I have had numerous surgeries but can still recall the surgery when I had the first bi-lateral TMJ Concepts put in. I was in the hospital for 5 days and that was the worst pain I have every experienced. The last surgery in July, I was in the OR for 8 hours woke up in rocovery, refused the pain medication they were trying to give me, was back at the hotel an hour later and went home that afternoon. So this last surgery was unlike the ones I have undergone in the past. Do you know how long the OS plans to keep you in the hospital? Does your recovery plan include physical therapy? How long are you scheduled to be in the OR? Does your OS have any diet restrictions or suggestions for afterwards? You said you have had surgeries in the past, how did you heal after those? What level of pain if any were you in? Do you know how and where the OS plans to open you up? Some go in front of the ear and cut down towards the chin, others go behind the ear and down. Do you know how big of an incision the OS plans to make? How many stitches the OS thinks will be needed? For me it does not matter if they cut in front or behind my ear(s) there is still discomfort during the healing process. Just keep in mind we all deal with pain, surgery, discomfort in different ways and levels. Ask your OS questions. There are NO DUMB/STUPID questions. This is YOUR body and YOU are having surgery, so if you have question(s) ASK! Ask your OS what you can expect upon waking in the recovery room, what you can expect/prepare for in the days that follow the surgery. The only advise I feel I can really give you is prepare yourself the best you can and you are doing that by asking questions. Stay positive. Set a reasonable goal for yourself that you want to heal and by this time frame you want to be healed and pain free. Just stay positive and allow yourself time to heal and heal properly so hopefully this will be your last surgery.

I really hope you get the relief you need and I really hope all goes Great for you!

Take Care!