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Re: TMJ replacement surgery

Hey KG,

Nothing before it broke but when it broke I felt it. I have fired a shot gun many times in my life and that is the best description I can give, it felt like a shot gun went off inside my head. The vibration was insane! I could not stand or speak I had no hearing in my left ear and I have no words to describe the pain. It was a horrid experiance. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching a television program and I was doing my exercises, open close open close, NO props, just controlled open and close and bam it snapped in half. We went to the local ER and they refused to examine me or even touch me and told my husband he needed to drive me to Shands in Gainesville, Fl now. I can say since I swelled so fast and I already had nerve damage in my face, once the swelling was so extreme the pain eased off or I went into shock and just zoned out. The second one that broke was not so extreme. I felt like I had been popped with a thick rubber band under my skin then the swelling and I knew what it was when it snapped. Both times for me the noise was so loud but my husband never heard anything. I thought the neighbors could have heard it. With both breaks everytime I tried to open I had a very painful pinch inside my face and extreme pressure on my left cheek bone, so much that it felt as if my cheek bone was breaking.

Do you have implants right now or will this be your first set? Please keep in mind my case is not the norm. I only know of one person who has had TJR (Total Joint Replacement) and it did not work out for them pain and function wise. All the others, most on this support site have had dealable results and can tell you better in thier own words how they feel about having a TJR and what results they have experianced. Yes, I have had a lot of surgeries and I am on my third set of TMJ Concepts BUT for where I am right now as I type this, it has all been worth it to me. I do have a broken screw and another backing out on the left side and will return to the operating room on Monday, March 4th BUT it could have been worse and I respect that. I am pain free and I am not on any medication. I do have pain days and right now I do experiance a little discomfort when the area the screw head in lodged in swells BUT I no longer have to take a loratab first thing when I wake up in the morning and pain and pills no longer rule my life. I take every day and get what I can out of it. If the pain stays away for two months, two years or ten, I am taking it and I would do it all over again to just be pain free. I never ever thought I would be pain free again in this life and I want to stress to others to Never Give Up Hope! We are all here for a reason and we are not alone on this TMJ road. We can support each other, we can learn from each other and know that we are never alone. I never gave up hope but I never allowed myself to think I would be pain free and here I am. Maybe for me the third time is the charm! I have learned alot but most of all I have learned just how strong my will really is. I refused to allow the TMJ to rule me and I vowed to reclaim some part of my life back so I could really live and not just exist and that is what I have done. I know it may not last till the end of my life but I am taking what I have and running with it. Because of this screw issue my trip to Peru has had to be rescheduled so I will be leaving May 1st for a four week trip and I am so excited and looking forward to exploring Peru, again something I never thought I was going to get to do because of the pain and discomfort but I am going and going to enjoy every second.

I hope your surgery goes well and you get results. Keep me updated!
Take Care!