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Finally got a diagnosis!

Hopefully you guys remember me, I had a thread that went on for a long time back and forth and I decided to make a new one so this didn't get lost.

Last week I had a liver biopsy to see if we could figure all of this out. My hepatologist ran a bunch of blood work, testing autoimmune markers and mitochondrial antibodies (hopefully that makes sense, I'm tired and don't have the papers in front of me but I think that's what it is) and everything still came back inconclusive. He also tested for celiac, which was negative.

Anyway. I got my biopsy results today.

"severe chronic hepatitis (grade IV) with bridging fibrosis and pericellular fibrosis (Stage III).

Multinucleated hepatocytes are present."

It also said "These findings support the diagnosis of severe autoimmune hepatitis."

I didn't write everything out because there are notes that I'm assuming are pathology jargon haha, but yeah. I'm starting treatment for autoimmune hepatitis, and my hepatologist said he believes the outcome will be very good.

Thank you all for helping me out. It was good to have the reassurance that I should keep pushing to get the answers. I mean, my doctors were pushing forward but I was pulling back, fearing that I would never get an answer and would be wasting my time. I didn't really think that there was something wrong. But I'm glad I kept going forward and everybody on this board helped me so much in knowing the questions to ask, what certain things mean and what certain tests are for. You have no idea how much this has helped me!

Here's to hoping it all gets better!!

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