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Re: Concerned!!! Input please

This seems to be a slow board at the moment, thankfully, so I thought I would chime in since you haven't received an answer. It is very unlikely you have anything to worry about, but it wouldn't hurt to ask the ordering doctor to explain it better. I don't think that your mammo from 7 years ago would be much help since it seems it was clear then. If you feel that waiting 6 months is too long see about getting another one done in a few months. If it was me I would talk to my doc's and get another mammo to be certain. I wish your report stated what kind of calcifications you have.
I don't know a whole lot, just my experiences. I have very dense breasts too, and several microcalcifications and cysts, so I am supposed to get a yearly mammo and an ultrasound done after and the radiologists comes explains it to me.