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Re: TMJ replacement surgery

Hi Shirlett,

You and I have talked a few times in the past. I had a Lefort III piece surgery in 2005 that relapsed. I then had Arthroscopic surgery on my right joint due to dislocated discs. From there I saw a surgeon in Dallas and had Mitek Anchor surgery and then a Lefort 4 piece surgery combined with BSSO. The Mitek Anchors caused bone resorption and were replaced with bilateral total joints in 2009. My ROM did improve from 10mm to 43mm with the total joints, but this was short lived. I also had complications from the fat grafting from the total joint surgery and had stomach surgery 3 months following the joint surgery. The belief now is something is going on with the left prostheses causing my decreased ROM and pain. My ROM now is only about 10mm. My surgeon in Dallas feels I have an obstruction limiting my opening in the left prostheses, whereas, my surgeon in Vegas feels the left prostheses in not positioned correctly and wants to remove the prostheses and try to reposition.