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Balloon Sinuplasty

I'm wondering if anyone has had a balloon sinuplasty or has any input as to its effectiveness.

I'm finally considering a visit to my ENT for my sinus issues, but the biggest thing that has kept me from going so far is knowing that surgery is likely the only thing left - as in, I've tried everything else: antibiotics are a constant in my life, prescription nose sprays, saline rinses and countless OTC remedies. I literally think I have tried it all and I'm concerned that surgery is the only treatment left, but I have had what amounts to a constant migraine for the past week due to a headache starting from sinus pressure and ballooning into a full-on migraine.

So. . . I feel as if I'm not left with a lot of options. I certainly can't continue to go to work each day with the pain I'm in, but living on painkillers/migraine meds isn't really a viable option either.

I don't feel generally congested and I do believe my lower (maxillary) sinuses are clear as I have no problems with my saline rinse and the pain isn't there anyway. I think the problems are probably originating in the frontal sinuses, particularly on the left side as this is where my pain is located and I don't feel that my saline rinse is getting to this area when I try "flip turn" or "upside down" rinses. I know I'll have to visit my ENT to know for sure, but again, I'm concerned surgery may be my only option at this point.

So I would like to know if anyone has had this procedure and how effective it was for you (or the person you know who had it). I'm quite sure I also have a deviated septum, but frankly, I don't want to risk any surgery that will make my problem worse instead of better. Any info you all have would be greatly appreciated.

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