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Nucynta questions

Hi all I have various medical problems ranging from bulging discs, crohns, fibromyalgia, myofaschial damage, arthritis, tmj, migraines and more. Anyway I lost my doc about a year and a half ago and started seeing a new doc who immeditely took me off the mscontin I was on and had been for years. Had to be retested for everything again. And now he is starting all over on meds that didn't work before or triggered my crohns. My pharmacist tried to get him to leave me on the mscontin but he wouldn't. So far he's had me on effexor, cymbalta, lyrica, and a few others I can't remember the names of. I had also told him I couldn't take anti-depressants because they make me feel like I'm losing my mind. Finally got through to him on that one, or so I thought. Other meds I had been on are naproxysen, neurontin, toredol, bu trans patch (not a complete list but all I can remember right now) and now he has prescribed me Nucynta CR 50-100mg. I'm hearing stories about this drug having similar peoperties to anti-depressants and withdrawals are way worse than the withdrawal from mscontin. Anyone taking this and are you happy with it?

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