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Can anyone relate to this?
I woke up one morning and i leaned to knock my alarm off and i had full on spinning vertigo. I had it if i turned my head either up/down or looked up or down and also when i layed down in bed.. I felt foggy headed during the day and not myself. I was prescribed prochlorperazine tablets and after a few weeks it seemed to settle.
Anyway last week while laying in bed i felt like my head swayed quickly for a second and then my head felt instantly dizzy and heavy. I tried to walk down stairs and the stairs looked like they were jumping/shaking every time i took a step, i had to steady myself with the walls. Since this my head has felt heavy and foggy again but different to last time. Also I was eating some fruit before and i tilted my head back slightly to get the juice and i instantly went really dizzy and since then my head has felt heavy and fuzzy again. I can't think straight either.
I am seeing an ent specialist on the 7th feb.
Does this sound like bppv or anything else. It's really worrying, i have saw a few gp's who all seemed to think it was bppv but i am not so sure with it easing for a few weeks and then returning.

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