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Re: "Lazy eye" & other things from childhood may be related to MS?

Originally Posted by MSNik View Post
Hello ValTech,
Welcome to healthboards. Your symptoms which you listed, along with the drugs which you are taking, do not really have anything to do with MS. Im alittle confused, are you also diagnosed with MS, or are you asking us if your current state could indicate MS?

The symptoms/ drugs you are currently on, along with the description you give us of your childhood, do not appear to have anything at all to do with MS. MS is a disease of the central nervous system, which affects the appendages due to nerve demylination (damage) in the eyes, brain and spine.

Im not quite sure where the connection between ADD and Amblyopia, along with the part you wrote about having had such a hard time in school have anything to do with the possiblity of MS.....they arent related.

Can you please supply us with more information? Unless you already have a MS dx, why do you think you might have MS?


I have been diagnosed with MS via MRI and symptoms ive had for the last 3 yrs being Vertigo, extreme fatigue, temporary blindness, double vision, bladder issues, numbness/tingling, MS hug.. I was just thinking back to my childhood became curious if it could have started way back then. I was always so lethargic, and "confused" all the time(cognitive difficulties), balance problems, vision problems..etc.