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Re: "Lazy eye" & other things from childhood may be related to MS?

Hi and thank you for clarifying for me. There was nothing in your original post which suggested you were, indeed, diagnosed with MS already- thats why I wasnt sure if you were or werent. Obviously, your dx is correct since you were dx via what appears to be proper protocol.

Now, about your post- the things you mentioned in the original post, the ADD and Amblyopia, those do not have anything to do with MS- however, you now added to that by saying you were always so cognitively challenged and had such fatigue and balance problems....Now, you are talking the MS language.

Anything is possible. You may have had MS problems in you earlier childhood which were never dx...I still do not believe there is any chance that having Amblyopia had anything to do with MS....but the rest of it, certainly sounds like something might have been presenting, which no one picked up on.
It may be one of those things which you may never truly know. When I was diagnosed, 8 years ago, I had over 50 lesions all on my brain- no one could understand why I had zero symptoms until my onset symptom which led me to the doctor and within hours, a MRI and a dx. So, we cant know what to look for if we are having random symptoms as children or young adults...
Its unfortunate, but then again, maybe not. 8 years later, looking back, I wouldnt have wanted to know any sooner that I had MS...I try not to think about it now if I can help about you? Would knowing sooner have made any difference in your life?

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