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Re: Anyone with both GERD and Gastroparesis?

I have had bouts of choking on food going on ten years now. Sometimes I lose weight and other times I stay stable. I found out 3 years ago I had a benign tumor on my Tgland and they took half of it out.

I was so much better for 2.5 years. Now 6 months ago it has started up again. I am so miserable too.
I just went to a Defensive Driving class at an Italian restaurant. They served a delicious caesar salad and pizza and soda. I ate some salad and 2 pieces of lukewarm pizza.

Fortunately nothing happened there. But when I got home at 4 I decided to eat a piece of baked turkey. OMG. It got stuck and I had to stick my finger down my throat 5 times to get my throat to not be choked. So much phlegm came up too.

Finally I actually threw up and spaghetti and olives were still in my stomach. I am freaking out. Now I don;t know what to think. But the choking always comes with protein!!
Am I just not chewing it into baby food or what?