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I am a woman and I am highly offended that you think you have the right to say that women shouldnt be on this board. It is a public board and shouldnt matter if it is for men's sexual health or otherwise. There are plenty of men that comment on the the women's issue boards,yet you wont see the women getting offended because the men comment there. Well there was one time but that was sorted out and a long time ago at that.

Second have you stopped to think that the smell might be coming from you?? Also many times when a couple has sex the odors that combine can be rather strong.
You really should talk to your wife to see if she notices this smell. If she has you two can talk about her using the flushable wet wipes to see if that helps if she isnt washing well enough. IF that doesnt help then seeing her doctor to see if something is off could be another option for her. A cheese smell is not a natural odor to come from a person especailly from the anus. My husband will vouche that I have never smelled like that nor has the other couple of women he has been with smelled like that.

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