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Re: Flu, Bronchitis, or other?

turned out to be bronchitis, lingered for about 3 weeks though. Then everyone in the office started spreading a cold around so I got round 2 and it lasted about 3 weeks as well. dr said that I am having chronic/re-occuring bronchtis and its not normal. I am finally feeling better (thanks for asking) but concered about getting it again. Started a healtier diet along with 1000 mg of vitiam c everyday. Crossing my fingers. Hope yours goes away and stays away. Feel better soon

I also want to add a home remedy that one of my co-workers came up with. I have no idea where she heard it but one day she brought a bag of onions and sat one on each of our desks. She said that she had read/heard that the onion absorbs the bacteria (we are in a very confined area where germs easily spread) That was about a month ago and there hasnt been much sickness. The smell of the onion goes away after a couple of days. we are getting new ones next week because we arent sure how long they are supposed to be changed. Not sure if its placebo effect but I dont care if something is working. Ill try anything once to see what happens.

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