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Re: New to forum. Lumbar and cervical spine problems

well ive got my cervical MRI results and some of my thoracic spine as well.

Hemangioma are noted at C2-T1 and T4. Minimal scoliosis and reduction of the lower cervical lordosis but normal alignment. At C6-C7 there is a small central protrusion more prominent to the right effacing the CSF anterior to the cord and causing disortion of the cord but not causing cord compression.No/ signal change to within the cord. At C7-T1 there is a broad central disc bulge/protrusion and extrusion more prominent to the left narrowing at the left lateral recess and narrowing left exit foramen. At T6-T7 there is a large disc protrusion and extrusion extending superiorly behind the PLL causing distortion of the cord but no signal change to the cord appreciated. There are broad bulges at multiple upper to mid thoracic levels.

Needless to say i now have to have another MRI on my thoracic spine section. I have been referred to a cervical/thoracic consultant as the one im seeing is a lumbar surgeon. The consultant said i have major serious problems and i need surgery. I dont really understand this MRI and will be asking questions when i finally get to see the cervical/thoracic consultant