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I would have repied back sooner but I wanted to see how many times I get my head bit off for asking this question. I guarentee this smell is not from me! (believe it or leave) If you can imagine the situation, then tell me how you would you bring it to your spouces attention without hurting or embarrassing them? Naturelove did suggest bathing and washing each other ( I interpret that as: if you want the job done right do it yourself) When we have sex I don't orgasm in her because I don't see her vagina as being a garbage pail. ( so I pull out) I have been pulling out now for over 10 years because I wouldn't want that stuff rotting in me all day either. So. that eliminates that source of stench. And for thous of you who are confused by the term "doggie style", I'm NOT TALKING ANAL SEX ! I have noticed in the past some of her underware in the laundry having large skid marks in them. She would give our kids hell if she seen that in theirs. But like I said before, before we have sex we always have a shower or bath. So I can't understand this odour. Oh ps. Do I do oral sex? I would love to but it's too strong .

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