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Exclamation Can't make a bowel movement

Bowel movement problems?
I'm 21.
I have trouble going to the toilet for the past year now since I made a rough bowel movement and had to put a finger in to help.
Ever since a year ago I have lost the normal urge to go to the toilet and I used to get the urge once daily.
When I make my self go I have to strain and can push once and little but soft stool comes out and if I push to go again I can't make a bowel movement .
I can only push one stool out and then it's like I'm blocked no gas or stool and iknow there must be more to come out as the first strain I only manage a small soft stool , I have hemmoroids they to push out when I make my first bowel movement , but after the first bowel movemt nothing no gas or stool but when I wipe there a lot of mucus .
Sometime if I lean to the left while I'm on the toilet I can pass even a smaller stool but nothing more ..
I have no pain only when I strain there a ache deep in my rectum like bladder preasure .
I'm really scars because If I take stool softners I just end up with diahrea and still can't push more then first movement which is small . It's like my anal swells shut after first movement.
I have had a very strong fibre diet and iknow it's not normal constipation because most of the time the stools are soft .
Also when I go I sometime find it difficult to keep my anal relaxed to let the stool out .
I have lived by stool softners for the past year to make myself not backed up or I feel sick and bloated and get abdominal pain.
Recently reading I was scared it maybe a internal prolapse but I have no idea which is scary .
Also my liver enzymes are high on a recent blood test but showed no food allergys or anything , if anyone can relate to this I'd be glad to hear some info....

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