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4 Back Surgeries and Still In Pain

I had a multi level laminectomy L3-L5 back in 2002. Then a discectomy at L5 in July 2011, woke up in recovery with complications of a blood clot in the spinal cord with a ruptured disc and fragments also in the cord. Back into surgery 2 days later to remove blood clot and disc fragments. Disc ruptured again and there wasn't enough disc left to do anymore surgery on except for a fusion. Surgeon thought it best to do a 360 degree fusion at L3 through S1 as the other disc were diseased and would require fusions at some point in the future. My surgeon thought it best to just get it over in one surgery versus repeated ones as the discs ruptured. The fusion was in March 2012 and the recovery has been so hard, much harder than I ever expected. Had to relearn the use of my left leg and it still feels funny, kind of heavy, fatter then my right and slower to respond. It hurts to sit for longer than 15 minutes, walking is also painful as is standing. Even laying down doesn't relieve the pain. My surgeon has stated even before the fusion that the pain may be permanent. I am still trying to adapt to the idea of living the rest of my life on oxycodone and neurontin, when it doesn't even stop the pain. How does one get used to being in pain 24 hours a day, only getting 1 to 2 hours of sleep at a time? Sorry to rant on here, some of you have so much more to deal with than this, my heart goes out to you.

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