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Re: "Lazy eye" & other things from childhood may be related to MS?

Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post

There are an increasing number of pediatric MS cases being diagnosed as the medical community increases its ability to diagnose MS. My earliest known MS signs were when I was 14, but there could be some earlier. I met a young lady who was diagnosed at 11.

Because so many symptoms can be found in a flow chart that includes MS, many people will think MS when it could actually be one of 400 other possibilities. There are other neurological possibilities or even vascular or even a blood borne cause. There are a number of mimicries which have to be eliminated.

As you are taking meds, a neuro would also have to factor the side effects of the meds as well as any symptoms which meds might be suppressing.

IF your idea is that MS may play a role or be a cause, I would encourage you to seek out an MS Specialist (a neurologist whose specialty is MS) and go through an evaluation. You might be pointed towards a different specialist altogether, but I think you will be better off for getting the testing. Please note that there is no specific test for MS. The MRI is but one tool as is the LP. I hope that you will find yourself always welcome here and I would encourage you to keep asking questions. Should you move towards a different diagnosis, there are many boards on this site which will be able to help.
Thankyou for your response! Sorry i forgot to even mention I got diagnosed this last september in my post.