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You have alienated your best source for information (women) by your asking for them to "leave". I would think you would ask them for any ideas, being this is a woman your speaking of, whom better than other women to give you ideas on how to approach her with such a delicate subject? But a side from that, you've been married for 15 years, couldn't you come up with a caring, honest, and sincere way of talking to her about your problem with the offensive odor? Tell her you feel your sex life is being limited because of this odor you can't stand. Let her know you would enjoy going down on her, but can't get past the smell. Suggest to her what you said in your post. You feel she may need to clean herself more thoroughly around the anus. She is your wife of 15 years for cripes sake! Also I couldn't ends this without asking you, how can you refer to your ejaculate as garbage and your wife's vagina basically as a trash receptacle ? You mentioned your wife wouldn't tolerate "skid marks" in your children's underwear, so I'm assuming you have some with her, was it garbage when you let go your load to produce them? You might want to consider these to be "red flags", that you don't seem to have a very healthy perception of a woman's value and worth.