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JDinCA: OK obviously you also were offended by my post. I knew this who happen. OK let's play a little game here. Pretend we are married, (keep comments to your self) now I have noticed that when we have sex there is a pungent odour of fecal matter when you remove your undies. Mostly when you turn over and spred your legs. When I smell this I immediatly lose all interest in sex with you but I know if I don't finish you will become discuraged and probally get mad at me( thinking there is another woman ). Now, I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think you should spend a little more time washing your bum and that mostly includes your anus. OK JDinCA after me as your husband saying that to you, are you now upset ? Are you embarrased? Are you hurt? Maybe your husband will say that to you some day and you can answer that for real. Or perhaps he wants to tell you that already but he doesn;t want to hurt you.

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