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Ok justnormal......I wasn't offended but then I'm not a woman. You have made my point even more apparent, you really have no sense of how to relate to women. The last line in your reply shows it. You thought I was a woman and you did nothing but offend. I was giving you some constructive criticism about your approach for help as I saw it from a mans view. I was trying to let you know that as a man reading what you wrote in your original posting for advice, you were asking the wrong sex what you should do. By alienating women you had lost your best source for information on how to approach the subject. A woman's prospective is what you needed, but any chance of that was lost by the way you offended them. So I was merely letting you know that you might have a problem relating to woman. How, I read it. If you approached your wife the way you did these boards,you won't get anywhere,because you will hurt,and or offend her,as you did every woman that read your post. I know that if I had this problem with an odor that offended me,I would say first of all how much I loved her,then I might say,"Hunny something has been bothering me and I would like to discuss it with you". Maybe as I was helping her with the dishes, preparing our dinner, or helping her with the laundry. So she wouldn't get scared I was going to ask her for a divorce, because I was being a supportive husband as I was finding a way to approach the subject to her without wanting to hurt her feelings. I would be physically close to her as we discuss it,so she knows I'm being serious about the effect it's having on me. I would caress her arm if we're sitting and look her in the eye as I am opening up about the subject. But not wanting to risk hurting her feelings before I did bring the subject up, I might have come here to these boards not for men only to give me feedback, but to get a woman's prospective, and ask if their husbands approached them as I was planning to do with my wife, would they feel offended,would they hate him,should I drop it,not bring the subject up,or would my idea be a good way to talk to her about it? You see justnormal............why would I want to alienate and offend the sex who's opinion I needed the most.