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heavyness in heart

I was faced with problem of missing heartbeat and it was about two years back. i dhowed to neurologist and he said it is all okay and nothing to worry. then i went for complete check up and landed with the result that everything is okay. Tests included TMT and Stress Echo, Blood Test and general checkup. about a year back i felt some sensation on the left side iof my skull. It is like if i once i got angry with my kid and felt that blood is rushing into my head from left side. again i showed to neurologist and cradilogist and even got the MRI of brain with Angio and all came normal. I even got Cardiac CT done and that was also okay. About 10 days back again i had some problem and consulted cardilogist and again all the result were normal.that was Echo, TMT and Carotid Doppler , Thyroid adn tryglyceriods, the onlt thing was abnorma was raised LDL and reduced HDL. That was also because i reduced my physical activities for last one year. I was advised brsik walk and i started doing that. But i feel some uineasyness in my chest slightly above cetral part of chest and some sensation in left of brain. people also suggested that it could be because of cervical but no such confirmation. Ye sindeed i fell little comfortable when i reaise my left arm.

I am totally confused and do not know what to do. ON the right side of my body all is okay.

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