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I don't see why a person can't ask for a response from men or women only. If a woman were to say, "I want answers from women only, no men buttinskies," I'd think, "Fine, what's it to me?"
The maturity level of some of the female responders was appalling. And, the answers, once one got by the initial shock, were all over the board, which means that at least some of the women responders were incorrect in fact.
I've never smelled cheese during intercourse or while performing cunnilingus for that matter. So, I won't ask the obvious, "Like...what kind of cheese?"
Just silly, but do you know what the blind man said as he walked by the fish market?...."G' mornin' ladies." (I heard that from a woman, so, blame a woman of that is offensive to you. I find it amusing and I am spreading bad taste, so, yeah, guilty as charged.)