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Re: Unknown autoimmune, nonspecific symptoms? help please!

Originally Posted by hflores View Post
Hi, I'm an eighteen-year-old female with a history of minor sickliness. For most of my life, especially as a kid I was a sickly kid- got tired easily, dealt with headaches and insomnia, leg pains, got flus/colds very easily, but I was never diagnosed with anything. My family and I just figured I was a little weaker.

The last seven months of so, I worsened. First I couldn't sleep for very long, and then I started losing more hair, my nails were brittle, I developed itchy patches on my skin- upper thighs, underarms, neck, under the chin. i tried not to scratch but even without wearing anything in those areas it remained itchy. sometimes if I absently scratched it would turn into red-dotted areas- like pin-***** blood spots under the skin, or bleeding out.

I've been exhausted extremely so, to the point where walking to the bathroom made me dizzy. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe- not in a panicky way, but in almost as if I have a thin sheet over my nose and can't get a lot of oxygen. Heat exacerbates my symptoms- especially the rashes (though even in the winter time they haven't gone away). I'll get hot and dizzy (a headache will come on) and feel like I can't breathe- or need cold air. I thought exhaustion/dizziness might be helped with regular meals, small snacks- fruits vegetables, nuts, and less processed food, but that hasn't helped. I just gained weight (but my thyroid is normal).

My aunt has lupus and I recently tested positive, speckled, with a 1:80 titer.

However, I don't have the common lupus rash, and besides slight joint pain (no inflammation or anything), my rheumatalogist(?) said these were nonspecific items. Every doctor I've seen mentions it might be stress, but I know when I'm stressed and I don't feel anxious or depressed at the moments these problems occur. Sure, a bad grade can ruin my day for a few hours, but I'm not feeling those problems regularly. And then they say "Well you might feel it, but you are it..." which upsets me more, because if nothing else I know what I'm a feeling at any given moment; I'm not a hide-emotions-and-bury-them person.

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced "nonspecific" symptoms and had an autoimmune, even without a lot of symptoms or the high degree? Any answers or opinions are appreciated!

Answer would be yes. I was originally diagnosed with UCTD. Then Fibromyalgia. Now it may be MCTD but I don't have an official diagnosis. Cannot function without medication that treats autoimmune disease. Normal ESR, normal blood work except my vit levels. Very hard to get a doctor to take you serious when that stuff is normal. My ANA is high like 1:640, and I had antigens RNP.

A lot of muscle pain. Some joint pain. No swelling. No rashes. Severe fatigue that made me unable to function. Can't get rid of the fatigue. Sleeping problems. Headaches, back pain. Tingling all over. Can't go into everything.. I guess I have a mild form of it. But it just doesn't feel that way.

Don't ever let a doctor tell you it's just stress when your feeling that bad. I've been there, and I didn't appreciate it one bit. Best bet is to find a doctor that believes you when you say your sick, not one that is going to act like it's some kind of joke.

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