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Re: Nerve block question?

My surgery date is Feb. 6th. I'm also having a nerve block plus anesthesia. I have a question about pain meds. I usually take Vicodin for pain control after a surgery. I am narcotic sensitive so there are a couple of pain meds I cannot take at all. Vicodin isn't a perfect solution but better than nothing. The only problem I ha with it is that it keeps awake. I cannot sleep when I'm taking it so in the past, I've taken Benedryl with it at bedtime. Benedryl knocks me out. I wonder if I might be able to take Tylenol PM with the Vicodin? I've never taken Tylenol PM before and I'm not sure if Tylenol is ok with Vicodin. I need my sleep! It sucks to be in pain but to be in pain and not be able to sleep is intolerable.

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