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Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts

Thanks senior41, No I am not yet scheduled for surgery and am not sure when my vision will be bad enough to risk it. I am told that my left eye is "ready" now (after being told 6 months ago that it would be 2 to 5 years away), but I do not detect any difference in my left and right eye vision, corrected or uncorrected. The reason for my question was that I have tried variable focus spectacles in the past without any satisfaction, because I had to look through the bottom of the lens for reading, the middle for "in room" and the top for distance. If all a multifocus lens will do is offer the same "facility" without the ability of removing them when it gets too annoying, then it does not seem worth paying 3 times the price. My ophthamologist says that multifocus will mean not needing spectacles (an attractive proposition as the memory fades!), but I have been unable to determine what sort of vision (see above) the multi-focus lens will provide - I do not fancy having one of each!

Were you offered a multi-focus implant? if so would you mind sharing your thoughts on deciding against?

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