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Re: Balloon Sinuplasty

I've had the balloon sunuplasty procedure and it can be effective but, based on what you describe, you'll really have to talk to your ENT - and get a CT scan. - to figure out if a balloon procedure will help address your issues.

The frontal sinuses are particularly tricky to reach and the failure rate for balloon sinuplasty in the frontal sinus region is much higher than with other sinus regions, so a balloon procedure may not be the right solution based on what you describe.

I had the balloon sinuplasty to open my left frontal sinus about 2 years ago - several years after an Endoscopic Modified Lothrop Procedure had removed bony tissue and created a patent opening for my frontal sinuses. One of the openings created during the EMLP had closed down over the years and my doctor used the balloon to re-open that side. In my case, though, the balloon procedure would have been impossible if they hadn't performed the Lothrop first.

I guess the bottom line is to find a surgeon you trust - one who specializes in treatment of chronic sinusitis and NOT just a generalist office-based ENT - and let the doctor determine what procedure is needed.

If the doctor recommends the balloon procedure, the recovery will be easier than from most other procedures but the doctor may leave a stent in for several weeks to help insure that the openings made by the ballon don't close up, so that's a downside. On the plus side you won't need post-surgical debridement (which can be painful) and you can return too work very quickly (3 days vs. a week for a more invasive procedure).