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Re: Nucynta questions

My doc recently prescribed Nucynta to try and help me with my fear of becoming addicted to pain medicine. I hate taking and of it because of the side effects, and Im am very affraid of the addictive qualities that I have heard so much about. I cant tell you if it actually works or not, as I am allergic to it!! However, from what my doc has told me, it works as well as percocet does for the pain, it just doesnt have the side effects that most narcotics do. Its expensive though. (or more so than hydrocodone or percocet)
I have gastroparisis, ulcerative colitis, osteo arthritis, degenarative disk disease and 2 buldging and one herniated disks. Will be having a disk replacement and spinal fusion next month. I truly hope it works well for you.
Best of luck!