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Originally Posted by clardh121170 View Post
Can rocd change the way you feel about someone? You may find this strange; however, i have been with the same person for 22 years and I'm asking this question. She truly is my soul mate. we have 2 beautiful children and the anxiety is so fierce at times i just have to leave. I don't ofcourse but the anxiety is killer. I know we have had good times together. It's just right now with rocd i can't remember that normal?
What exactly are your thoughts surrounding your wife. Since you have been together so long, did you have these thoughts earlier in the relationship or is this something new?
I know for me, I tend to zone in on negatives about my boyfriend and our relationship, as well as the possible negative outcomes. My mind then gets stuck on those and I think then this relationship must not be right. Like I can't stand how he is messy at times and doesn't keep his house neat and organized the way I would. So that turns me off and I think, we gee maybe we aren't meant for each other then. At the same time, we do have good points to and we've had lots of good moments together. It's just our minds focus on all the negative and then magnify them. Ask yourself this: What is it that you are SO caught up on about the relationship. Is there a lack of romance, passion, excitement, etc? There must be something that triggers these doubts.