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Re: Irreguar heart beat and Milk

If you have an irregular heart beat, follow my advice as I have written it above and take the following supplements: cataplex B, 12 tabs/day, organic minerals, 4 tabs/day cardio-plus,12 tabs/day cataplex F, up to 12 tablets per day, Calcium 6 tablets per day, all from standard process. Go to a chiropractor who can prescribe these natural nutrients and then you can throw away your amiodarone heart medication which is going to kill you anyway from kidney failure and pulmonary fibrosis. How do I know this? I had a rate mediated cardiomyopathy and was told cardiac ablation and medication for you and I said Natural nutrients for me and no heart medication and no cardiac ablation; guess who was right? Me! I am cured. Also you will not get a cure from an arrhythmia and can die from it unless you cease to eat or put garbage food in your mouth. You have to re-think your diet and go 100% organic. If you don't, your arrhythmia will kill you from congestive heart failure. There is hope, act now. Even if you drink one glass of wine per day , you are a gonna. alcohol, even one table spoonful will trip you back into ventricular fibrillation or flutter in those with predisposed hearts. Even the butter on your bread contains a milk protein that will trip you back into an atrial flutter or PVC, or missed beats. Doctors think that gluten in bread is responsible for celiac disease and not heart problems. Gluten in wheat will trip you back into an arrhythmia and so will tea. Even decaffeinated coffee contains 0.3% caffeine which can trip you back into a stop start nonsense with your his-perkinge system in your heart. What have you got to lose and everything to gain. How do I know this? I was dying from heart failure from atrial flutter and now I have walked away from death a healthy man as long as I do not put a tradition American garbage diet in my mouth and I prayed for gods guidance. God helped me to understand. I thank you God. Now I have a duty to help others. I am now a doctor.