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Re: Finally got a diagnosis!

Originally Posted by no34evr View Post
So glad you finally got a diagnosis I know how that can be. So they think they can fix it? Is this with meds? How long will it take before you start to feel better? We wait so long. They are assuming mine is from the cipro I took in dec let's hope so. I don't want mine back even though I've been nauseous all day.

Good luck! Cathy
Thank you! It's been tough because even through everything, all specific blood tests came back negative. It all came down to the biopsy and I expected that to come out normal as well and for things to just be a mystery. I was quite surprised at the stage 3 fibrosis! I didn't expect any damage had been done.

Yeah, my doctor seems pretty confident that the outcome of all this will be great. He said that autoimmune hepatitis typically responds to the medication very well and pretty quickly. He has me on budesonide, so I'm not on the prednisone that they typically prescribe and that is so we can avoid the side effects. I researched yesterday and read great things about budesonide for AIH.

I am having blood work every two weeks for the next 6 weeks and I will have a follow up appointment to see how everything is going on March 14. Between now and that appointment though I need to get in to see my GI doc. My hepatologist wants me to get an endoscopy done to check if varices have formed because of my level of scarring. He said he would be quite surprised if they have, but he doesn't want to assume anything.

I hope you start feeling better and that everything is alright!