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Re: Nerve block question?

I had general anesthesia and 3 nerve blocks. They started the blocks before I was under, still in the pre-op area. They had already given me the sedative in my IV and I actually fell asleep right as they started them, when I woke up, they were done, so I don't remember any of it. One block was supposed to last 8-12 hours, the other two were the cathether type that they said would last about 3 days.

My surgery was outpatient, I went home about 2 hours after my surgery. I was completely numb aside from a slight throbbing in my ankle. The nurse said I was about 95% pain free. She said when the first block wore off, I'd be about 50% pain free. The first block lasted about 8 hours. I still was not in a lot of pain, I could just tell I wasn't quite as numb as I had been. I started the oxycodone then, afraid for when the real pain set in. I only took 1 every 6 hours, since I wasn't in a lot of pain, but wanted to be ahead of it when it did kick in. The other two blocks they said would last 72 hours, and we had to take them out when they ran out, but I would stay numb for up to a day after that. I had surgery on a Tuesday, we took them out on Friday morning. The wore off by Friday night.

I knew I would have the block that lasted 8-12 hours, but did not know about the other until the anesthiologist told me about it. I wasn't about to turn anything down that was going to help with pain, and I was so thankful for those blocks. I think it got me through the worst of the pain. Once the last of the blocks wore off, i continued taking oxycodone through that night, sure that the pain was going to come in force, but it was never too bad.

I will say it was an odd sensation to be so compltely numb for 3 full days. And I was terrified of my toes freezing when I was icing because I couldn't feel them to know if they were okay or not. I made my husband check them obsessively.

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