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ultrasound shows many stones

After suffering for nearly 2 years with what GP suggested was gastritis..and we thought perhaps peptic ulcer/hpylori and did tripple therapy without remediation..and diet without fats/eggs/etc..01/22 saw a skilled Gastro at PAMF..without a lot of physical examination but plenty of questions he said "get a gall bladder ultra sound done now" no need yet for other tests. 01/24 Did the USound, it illustrated the gall bladder full of stones some 2 to 3mm and with sludge. 01/25 dr called He recommends removal. I am in the process of evaluating surgery centers and surgeons as we are uninsured therefore $ prudent. The only symptoms are gastritis symptoms and usually within 2 to 3 hours after meals. Some meals seem to not to enter the small intestine...a swallow or two of hot coffee seems to help..within minutes. I began taking chanca piedra 500mg yesterday Saturday the 26th and will continue until 4 or 5 days prior to surgery day. Anyone else have these symptoms, confirmed stones, and or have taken chanca piedra? thanks.. one more bit of info on 10/30/10 had a CT (not for gall bladder) that showed
only "sludge" in GB and weight was 124lbs now 95lbs.

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