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Re: Nerve block question?

Originally Posted by lauralei51 View Post
Courtney, I'm having my flat foot corrected and my accessory navicular bone removed. If I can remember right, I'm having the calcaneal neck lengthening, cuneiform something or other(removing bone and replacing it with bone graft on lateral side of foot), lengthening some ligaments, repairing one torn ligament and checking to see if my peroneal tendon is torn and needs to be repaired. Brostrom something or other. And gastroc. recession on my calf. Uggh. I sounds like so damn much and I know it all is connected and is what will make my foot function properly again (supposedly). I have no idea how long all this takes in surgery. Mine will be outpatient. Kinda wish it wasn't, just for the first night.
I had my accessory bone removed and that worked. I have a screw in my foot from that. The thing that didn't work from that was that we found out my PTT had too much scar tissue and keep streching back out. I haven't had any of the other stuff your getting done but I'm sure other people on this board. All mine have been outpatient. Its not all that bad. I mean the drive home(I'm about 40 mins away from UMH) wasn't all that fun but the pain managment has always been okay. How far are you from where your getting the surgery done at? If you have any question, ask away. This board is a good place to ask everything and see what has happened with other people surgerys.
1/24/11 accessory navicular bone removed

4/5/12 posterior tibial tendon debridement (failed)

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