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Re: Having meniscus surgery Friday

You're welcome Chilly. I was able to do the stairs within a few days of having surgery. Though it was sometimes on my butt. And you go slowly and do one step at a time, one foot at a time. I still go down steps one foot at a time
....meaning I put one foot on down on the step, then the other foot goes down on step next to it. Then I do the next step and the next...etc. If the stairs are shallow I can go down normally. It is easier to go up steps than down for me.

I recently learned that my entire foot and ankle are misaligned, I have an extra bone in my arch that needs to be removed and I have torn ligaments and a major tendon in my ankle and top of my foot. All of this has been caused by my being flat footed, which as caused by having the extra bone (and being overweight) My foot and ankle being messed up may be the reason I've had so many knee problems in the past 8 yrs. On Feb 6, I am having surgery to reconstruct my ankle and foot. I sure hope it helps and takes some of the pressure off my knees.

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