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Feel like my head will explode! Is this really allergies?

Hi guys, I posted previously with a question about allergy shots. I'm back because despite taking Zyrtec, Flonase, and allergy shots, I'm still miserable! When I started the shots in October I felt a decease in symptoms through december,so I thought that they must have been the missing piece of my allergy puzzle. Then I missed some shots due to illness in December and when I restarted in January everything went downhill. The day after my evening shots, I awoke to head pressure, ear pressure, headache, etc. My allergist is telling me that an allergy attack is not a reaction from the shots. I have reacted to the shots previously, anaphylactic reactions that were mild. I have no more anaphylactic reactions, but its clear that I do react. So I took the prednisone that mr. Allergist Rx'd (40mg/5days) to calm the swelling in my nasal passages/sinuses and experienced minimal relief. I have then been put on augmentin because of increasing facial pain, which led my dr to suspect sinusitis. I don't expect the augmentin to change much, but am trying it because I'm afraid my head and left ear will explode otherwise. What the heck is going on? I'm new to this allergy thing- it started with my pregnancies and escalated in the years following. Is this some kind of allergy attack?
-ear pressure left side only no infection ear looks perfect
-head pressure/headaches
-brain fog (head literally feels like there's thick fog sitting in there preventing thinking straight)
As a final note: this happened to me exactly this time last year, only I wasn't on allergy therapy. It led to my Eustachian tubes become completely blocked. I had a surgery to correct this in June (not tubes), and was doing great ear wise till September ragweed season hit. Then I started immunotherapy and it seemed to get better. I was fine by thanksgiving. Then this relapse.
I'm able to pop both my ears just fine, and Eustachian tube function testing is normal according to 2 audiologists.
Why is this feeling persisting? I just don't feel like myself. Can allergy attacks last 3 weeks? Anyone experience similar symptoms with their year round allergies? Seriously we just scrubbed the house down (allergic big time to molds/dust mites). It's frozen out here in Chicagoland! This makes no sense!

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