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Re: 4 Back Surgeries and Still In Pain

We are very close in age, I am 58. My son is 38 and my daughter is about to graduate high school. Her migraines started in kindergarten, poor little thing. She has medication that she can take when it first starts and also medication to help make her go to sleep, which seems to help stop the migraine. Bummer that I passed on that nasty gene!

I worked for over 32 years for a government contractor, a very large one in Southern California, before my health got so bad and my doctor put me out on disability. I was a Contracts Manager and really enjoyed my work and the people I interfaced with. I am also pretty much home bound and rely on hubby and daughter to drive me around. They also do most everything around the house now too and I am so grateful for them. They do all this in stride and i have never heard them complain, they hope that things will turn around for me and that I can get back to somewhat the old me! Well, enough of my rambling on.

Take care.