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I have had these thoughts in the past right before marriage. They would always proceed an ocd attack of morbid obsession. this time is no different. while i think of our relationship i think i might be happier with someone else or i should say i fantisize about other people (please don't judge). i feel so guilty of this. I catch myself doing it and feel horrible and then anxiety builds and builds. This attack takes all pleasure out of life. I have a hard time recalling good times. My mind mentally loops trying to grasp good times and i can't get ahold of any (even though i know we have) of the past feelings. Just feeling of doubt and uncertainty.

Thanks for your reply USmiss and Chris516
I would never judge you. I am going through the exact same thing except I am not married. I have been with my boyfriend for alittle over 2 years but we cannot move forward in the relationship because I am afraid of moving in or getting married. I don't know if this is the right one or if I really want to be with him. I also fantasize about whether someone else would make me happier. I see movies and shows and compare our relationship to them, thinking it must not be right because he doesn't do certain things like this or that. So I know just how you feel. How were you able to get married when you were going through this? Does yours come and go? Mine would come for a few days or weeks then everything would be fine and I'd be in love again. It's so hard to deal with :-( I'm sorry you are having a bad time too :-(