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Re: Nerve block question?

Originally Posted by ohitscourtney View Post
Hello everyone
So I've heard alot of you guys talking about a nerve block and I thought I got one with my first surgery but, im not sure. I know I didn't with my second. So my question is can you have both a nerve block and general anesthesia? Do you ask for the nerve block or do they decide if you need it? And lastly is it done before you under the anesthesia or after?
Nerve block is just to make you more comfortable after surgery. You still have general anesthesia. I had mine done right before surgery - like 15 mins - and it was done by the anestesiologist. It did hurt but is only a brief 5 seconds. For me they did one at mid calf and the other below calf or maybe ankle not sure. They can last for 36 hrs and mine was 27 hrs. As soon as you can start to move your toes you need to let the nurse know so they can immediately start the pain meds.
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