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Re: "Lazy eye" & other things from childhood may be related to MS?

Originally Posted by MSNik View Post
I can understand why you would want reasons for being "different" based on what you have told us. For me, its the complete opposite. I would not have wanted to be labeled, or considered different, because nothing has changed in my life since my diagnosis. I refuse to let it change me. In fact, having MS to me, has forced me to not put off things which I always thought I had more time to do.
You think 50 was alot? Im up to over 75 lesions now and have over ten black holes, which is what happens when the brain tissue can no longer support lesions all clumped together! Im still a 4.0 student, I still work 60 hours a week and travel - and manage a team of 30 people. It doesnt stop me. I have no symptoms- just a bunch of damage in my brain. Honestly, I think pushing myself this hard is what keeps me going.....Im afraid if I stop, it will all come crashing down around me!

Im glad you are seeking answers, research such as you are doing is good for the brain. And good for your self esteem if in fact, you can link it all together.

Thats amazing you're still symptom free...i would give anything to be a normal functioning human being. I also came across something interesting last teeth have always been like spotty white and my dentists always told me it was from too much fluoride(i lived in chicago until i was 5 and my mom said the drinking water was full of fluoride so thats why my teeth are spotty). well i just watched a very informative video on how tomix fluoride can be, and how ppl with MS should stay away from fluoride bc it worsens it. thats very coincidental that i have dental fluorosis or MS..or is it? Have u guys heard of that?