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Re: vitamin d deficiency

I am borderline low...32 and I believe 30 and over is normal however my D3 level was under 4 which is deficient. Just took a 3 month follow up blood test for D . Doc put me on 1,000 iu a day for the 3 months and I will go back to him on Wed. I will let you know if the D level came up. This is funny cardiologist was the one who ordered the test not my primary or rheumy. He thought since I get such bad pains in my legs and have high cholesterol and all the other problems that some may just be from low D. Got the results back from the first test and they were sent to my primary as well. The primary sent me the results in the mail and said D level was fine. When I got to my cardiologist he are very low...get on the D NOW!! Funny how 2 dr's can contradict each other. Did lots of research and they say for my age (almost 55) I should be up around 70-80 and not 32!!! SO..hoping all that D works..oh and I am vitamin b-12 deficient as well..anyone else??