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Re: It might get better eventually

I saw a new GP and was sent to see three doctors. The new orthopedic surgeon took x-rays and an MRI of my hips. He also did a physical examination. He said my range of motion was limited, but he didn't find anything wrong. I then saw a podiatrist. He took x-rays of my feet and ankles and did a thorough exam. He said I was really flat footed and gave me orthotics. He said that my knees turned out with my toes, so my problem had to come from my hips. I can't walk or stand in my orthotics for more than about 5 minutes because they make my knees and hips hurt. They don't bother my feet at all. The final doctor I saw was the same rhuematologist as before. He took more blood and did another exam. He was at a loss too. He gave me Celebrex and sent me on my way. All of this was right before Christmas. The Celebrex helps about as much as M&Ms. I go back to the podiatrist in a few days and the rhuematologist in a few weeks. I would like some opinions. Should I continue to take all these NSAIDS? They aren't helping and I've taken lots of them in the last 5 years. I am worried about liver damage in the future if I continue down this path. I also disagree with trying to cover up my symptoms. I want to fix the problem not hide it. Should I think of maybe going to a university hospital? I have noticed during karate that my posture has gotten dramatically worse in the last 3 months. I also tried to ride my bike today and was hurting before I made it one block. My pain is worse too. I do make activity/pain logs before I go see any doctor. I also make a list of questions and a type up everything I have done so far with dates. The doctors do seem to take me more seriously when I do that (thanks for the suggestion). Yes I am frustrated at this point. I missed out on my teen years because nobody is willing to help me. Sorry for the second long post I had a lot of stuff happen on the fast track to nowhere.