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Thumbs up Re: Slight pain and weak erection since using a Penis Extender around 8 months back:

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay with this reply as I have been away on vacation.

As updated earlier, I had also met a private Urologist here in London in the meantime. He had a look at my case, examined my Penis and said there is no cause of worry and he don't see any external injury whatsoever. He also prescribed Cialis 5mg. for a month (when confirmed about loss of libido) which I am taking regularly as prescribed. I am attaining strong morning erections since then and regular random erections without much of a stimulii. He had also asked to meet after a month.

I am obviously happy here but these erections are also often followed by internal pain around exactly the same area / line where I had accidentally tightened the extender (as described earlier). It feels exactly like any bruise / minor cut caused in our arms or legs. So I believe it is caused by some temporary injury to the motor nerves of my penis.

Hence could you suggest any medication which would help in this sensory nerve healing (not vascular healing) as you had referred before?

Many Thanks for your honest replies in advance. It is of great support and help in dissipating my anxiety. much appreciated!

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