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Re: rotator cuff suture anchor failure

to eloisekre i joined this today as i wanted to reply to your post about you shoulder sounds exactly like me..its been a yr since i fell!! ..took 3 mo. for dr to find out my humeral head was fractured! sent me to p.t. and I worked at a very physical demanding job the whole time..I too asked my therapist if maybe something was broke? her response.oh no you wouldnt be able to move it (shoulder) if it was fractured!!! that healed by july..and in aug.went to my surgeon again about horrific pain..he said he needed to clean things up inside..i came out of surgery (sept) with the news of tears in rot.cuff! went from oct. thru jan 8th to p.t. no improvement no strenghth just pain..he took me out of p.t. took mri and back to the OP room I go in cpl. weeks to possibly fix/remove the anchors! im 55 and feel my life will never be the same just nice to see im not the only one take care and i would welcome any feedback