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Re: Elevated CRP, beta globulins, and sed rate

Hi. I'm only a patient, but my understanding is that Fibromyalgia doesn't cause ESR and CRP to elevate; and that it isn't even considered an "inflammatory condition" in the usual medical sense of that phrase... which matches what you've been told by your professionals.

I've read that ESR and CRP can elevate in RA, lupus, inflammatory bowel diseases (like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's), cardiovascular conditions, and cancers---also due to infections. Not sure about VIRUSES, though (you should ask). I think HSV can take up residence in two places: the trigeminal ganglion, near the ear; or the sacral ganglion, near the base of the spine. And that it can cause skin infection only; OR that it can cause disseminated problems (brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.), WITH OR WITHOUT skin issues. As I said, whether HSV can elevate CRP and ESR, you should ask your doctors. (You could also ask on the herpes board, to see what others have been told.)

In answer to your question, over many years my CRP and ESR elevated now & again. I was eventually diagnosed with systemic lupus, milder side. But I had other symptoms & labs that fit lupus, incl. a lupus-specific photosensitive rash. I also had many GI tests (ugh!) that ruled out inflammatory bowel diseases.

I'm glad you're being evaluated at Mayo. I've seen people literally felled by trigeminal neuralgia, writhing on the floor, so I hope its underlying cause is identified & addressed quickly, like right now. I hope others add thoughts & suggestions. Let us know how you're doing. Wishing you better days ahead, sympathetically, Vee