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Re: OCD or what?

As to your question about ERP and not feeling stressed right now, well congrats on not feeling stressed, that's a pretty nice feeling huh? It's not surprising that with less stress your anxiety is less, OCD often worsens in stressful situations as you've experienced first hand. Remember that recovery from OCD is a lifelong process so even if you don't have the opportunity now to engage in exposure you might in the future. Sometimes it helps to seek out stressful situations and use them as opportunities to practice your techniques. You might do this by forcing yourself to read articles that present contradictory views to what you consider to be obvious opinions then don't allow yourself to engage in your mental rituals of reassurance. When you find yourself presented with a situation you think might induce your worries, even just a little, run towards it and not away from it.

One of my anxieties revolves around violence and harm. I get together with friends once a week and we do dinner and watch anime in the evenings. After a recent OCD spike I had it turned out the new series we were starting was a serious one and would have content that might trigger my worries. No normally I'm fine watching this stuff, but I knew I was still not fully recovered from my latest OCD spike. I could have just avoided the show, no one would have blamed me, but that would have meant giving in to my OCD. So I MADE myself go and watch and sit through my anxiety. At first it was challenging as the anxiety spiked, but by reminding myself it was just my OCD and not letting myself hide from it or engage in compulsions, the anxiety faded and before long I was able to watch and enjoy an interesting story with friends.

Exposures don't need to be major incidents, you can find small stuff like I did and confront your OCD that way too. Every little bit helps.

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