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Re: Boyfriend and Masturbation

You must remember that porn is just a's not real. As you said men are visual and watching other people in sexual acts is a turn on for most, if not all men and alot of women too.

Have you ever had a sexual dream involving someone who was NOT your partner? It would have been very pleasent, but you know it was not real, it did n't really happen and if you had the chance to act it out in real life would you? probably not. Porn is alot like this.

I bet he was masturbaing to porn long before you arrived on the scene and it is nothing personal and no reflection on you as a lover, it is just what works for him. I understand that this can make you feel unattractive and like you are not good enough, but you say he tells loves you he loves you.
Of course you could use the porn as a couple as an aid to your love making, but this will only work if you find it a turn on too.

I think the main issue here is that deep down you are feeling insecure in this relationship, as you said "We've hit a few serious rough patches".
If you still feel very strongly about this issue can't move on from it and he refuses to change his ways, you are going to harbour alot of resentment and prehaps this relationship will not work out in the long term.