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Real pain or health anxiety?

I'm a 36 year old female and have suffered anxiety since I can remember. I have always worried about getting cancer or some awful disease since my teenage years. if I had a symptom I would look it up in a health and medicine encyclopedia. Until mid December last year if I got a symptom like sore breast or leg pain I would think cancer but if the sympton was gone in a day or two I was ok. Well mid December I started getting leg pain and numbness that wouldn't go away. I googled the symptoms and brain tumour was the first thing to come up. I went to the doctor convinced that's what I had. He said he didn't think it was but sent me for a mri to reassure me because my mum had died from one ten years earlier. The four days of waiting for the results were a nightmare. I couldn't focus on anything else I was convinced I wouldn't be around next Christmas. I got the results on Christmas eve and they were all clear. I was so relieved and was looking forward to Christmas day with the family. The relief was short lived when I woke up in a sweat in th e early hours of Christmas morning. Of cause I googled it and it came up with lymphoma. All of a sudden all my glands were sore and I was searching for swollen lymph nodes. I spent Christmas day depressed and googling lymphoma symptoms. I started getting groin pain and underarm pain and was sure it must be from swollen lymph nodes I couldn't feel. I also started getting pelvic pain. I woke up one night thinking I was dying. I was really hot , my skin felt like it was burning and I could hardly breath or walk. I told my husband to ring for an ambulance. He suggested I call health direct who told me it was a panic attack. I went to the doctor a few days later who said he was sure it was anxiety and prescribed some anti depressants. He said to come back in a week and see if the symptoms were still there. They werehe checked all my glands and said they were fine and gave me some valium to calm me down while the anti depressants started to work and booked me into a psychiatrist. It's been two weeks now and my anxiety levels have dropped right down but ain still have the same pains. Am I imagining the pain? I'm so worried it could be something serious but he's not taking me seriously because of my anxiety. I'm so sorry for babbling on. It would be great to hear from people in similar situations because as much as my family and friends are a great support they just don't understand. Thanks for reading:-)

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