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Re: Nerve block question?

Originally Posted by lauralei51 View Post
Powerplay, did you stay in the hospital after your surgery? Mine is being done as outpatient, so I'll be home when my block wears off. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am so I sure hope my block lasts at least 24 hrs. I has a nerve block done on my arm once when I had wrist surgery and that block wore off in about 16 hrs.

How are you doing now that you are 4 mos post op?
Hi, I was in the hospital for 2 nights but should have only been 1 night but my doctor wanted to be there to release me so asekd me to stay an extra. Even if you are an outpatient, I would still push for the nerve block even if it does wear off when you are home, The block will give you comfort for most of the day if not the next day. I was told to make sure I let the nurse know immediately when I was able to move my toes so they could start my on pain meds to offset the block wearing off.
4 mos later now, I went to see the surgeon last week and he basically told me to resume normal activity. He does want me to wear the ankle brace for another 2 weeks to prevent me twisting my ankle. I can walk very well and really no pain walking but do have a limp that will take time for that to go away. I see him in 2mos and then that will be the last visit - I am done.
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